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Why I'm running
Hastings is my hometown and this community has given me so many opportunities throughout my lifetime. I believe that my background in both the private and public sectors, and my experience in management, budgeting, volunteering, marketing, communications, and service position me well to give back to my community as a member of the Hastings City Council. 

Community Dedication and Experience

Over the past few decades I have been showing up for my community as a volunteer, friend, advocate, and business owner. My passion for public service started young. While attending Hastings High School I worked to make the Dakota County parks tobacco free and served on the Youth First committee (Families with Chemical Issues Committee) and the Hastings Democracy Project.


Since then, I have joined up with countless non-profits and community organizations (Hastings Prescott Area Arts Council, Hastings High School Alumni Association, Hastings Riverside Company, Hastings Democracy Project, Hastings Economic Development and Redevelopment Authority (HEDRA), Black Dirt Theater, Hastings SPARK in the Parks... just to name a few) to make Hastings a vibrant and livable community.


Work and Government Experience

Outside of my work with local non-profits, Hastings schools, and community organizations along with my deep passion for the City of Hastings, I have worked for the State of Minnesota at the Office of Higher Education as well as the Department of Commerce.


My state government service focused on program development, community organizing, administrative organization, as well as internal and external communications. My experience in bureaucratic budgets, connections to program development, and devotion to Hastings would be an asset to the work of Hastings City Council.

I am also proud of my involvement in opening, owning and operating Spiral Brewery downtown, working with the Hastings Prescott Area Arts Council (HPAAC), being a Gustie, working for the State of Minnesota, achieving a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Leadership.


My priorities for Hastings

As councilwoman, I would focus on expanding housing options, developing the business community, and connecting people to the plethora of opportunities and resources to support the long term vitality of the residents of the City of Hastings.


The city is in a critical moment of development and I would do everything possible to build and continue that momentum to see Hastings thrive. In the short term, I would also devote attention to the important recovery and relief for businesses and residents from the COVID-19 pandemic.


As a young, female business owner with government and non-profit experience—I believe I am uniquely positioned to bring critical voices along with me to Hastings City Hall - and I ask for your support in the upcoming election. 

Please feel free to get in touch

I want to hear about YOUR ideas for Hastings! To connect with me please email me at: HastingsCouncilFox@gmail.com and visit my Facebook page. 

Want a yard sign? Call us at  651.726.4832 - we deliver!